Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I have a sick obsession with moons, not sure why I just do. I think they are super adorable. SOO when I came across Moonstone Magic I was psyched. I scrolled their site to pick out some of my favs!! This was crazy hard because everything was right up my ally...moonstones, chunky rings, boho vibes oh my. After pondering my top contenders for farrrrr to long I came to a conclusion....




A chunky ring, a dainty moon and the perfect pendant that you can put on whatever chain/choker you want ! I chose to put mine on a long simple silver chain I had at home and I love it ! I have worn it layered and alone ! Check out my photos below to see a few ways I have style my Moonstone Magic jewels!

 Silver Ring-Crescent Moon, Moonstone ring-Rising Spirit
Photographer| niasheriephotography

Photographer| niasheriephotography

Moonstone Pendant-Infinity Drop paired with the largest statement ever, I told you it could be paired with anything!
Photographer| niasheriephotography
Photographer| niasheriephotography

Photographer| niasheriephotography

Photographer| niasheriephotography

Silver Ring-Crescent Moon
If you love boho vibes, moons and moonstones you should absolutely check out this site ! I hope you enjoyed + HAPPY NEW YEAR !


Friday, November 11, 2016

Wigging Out

Pink hair don't care. No I do actually care, like a lot, I am real obsessed with it. I have ALWAYS wanted pink hair but would never take the plunge to do it to my real hair. Probably crazy to hear a hairstylist say that but I'm super conservative with my hair.  My hair gets damaged very easy and now that it's really long I'm to afraid to destroy it. I just accepted the fact that I would never be cool and have pink hair but thennnnnn a very special package came in the mail, MY 1st WIG!! I've always wanted to try out a wig but the awful image of a tacky itchy Halloween wig is the first thing that would pop into my head. I could not open the box carrying my wig fast enough!! I received my wig from @donalovehair and their packaging is super adorable. It comes in a darling box and inside is a brush made special for their wigs and a hair net to keep your hair nice and secure under the wig. When I first took it out of the package I couldn't believe how soft and pretty it was ! It's a lace front wig and since I have never worked with wigs before I totally had to google how to cut the lace. It took a few tries because I didn't want to cut to much at once. Then I had to go to work! What a freakin buzz kill, I could not stop thinking about trying it out when I got home.

lashes | house of lashes, iconic

When it finally came time to try it on I was like "oh hell no I can not rock this , I look like a crazy person". I wanted to love it, I thought I would but my initial reaction was WTF you look ridiculous Torie. I kept playing with it and trying different styles but I was still not feeling it. I started to do more research because I've seen numerous girls online look bomb with a wig. I felt like it just looked to fake for me to rock on the daily + rocking it on the daily was what I wanted to do. It took me 24hrs to start feeling this baby and once I did I couldn't get enough. There were a few tricks I did that made my synthetic wig look super realistic. I've had numerous people think it was my hair.

sweatshirt | free bird the label

dress| zaful

 First, I changed the part from the center to the side. To get the part to stay I used a blow dryer on low heat to mold it into place. Then, I sprayed the sh*t out of it was my love amika dry shampoo. Like I mean really really sprayed it. You're probably like why would you do that, well I'm going to tell you babes because this was the deal breaker for me. Since the wig is synthetic it was soo shinny + silky. It was beautiful but no ones hair is that shiny! The dry shampoo took away the shine and gave the wig lots of realistic texture !! Then I put some waves in it !! Yes, this wig is synthetic but it is heat resistant, dope right ? My wand made it look to crinkled and dented so I figured out a new technique which worked wonders. I slid my straighter over a section on low heat and while it was still warm I wrapped it around a small can of hair spray until it cooled ! The only reason I came up with this technique was because the hairspray bottle was in front of my face and I was like hey this may be stupid but may be genius let's give it a try..it was genius.

shirt | forever 21 , overalls | h&m

sweatshirt | zaful, sunglasses| rayban

Anywhooo. Next I took some pieces of my real hair out from under the front of the wig to soften the hairline . My hair is pretty light and the root color on the wig is black sooo I used a black eyeshadow and brushed it on to my hair that I took out for a better blend !! The final thing I did to really kick it up a notch was putting a tiny bit of foundation in the part of the wig to make It look like you can see my scalp. Once I did all of this I was like OMG YASSSSS !!!!! Then I was like wait am I even ballsy enough to wear this out of the house ?? I was wicked anxious.

jacket | rose gal

sweater + dress| forever 21, sunglasses | rayban
 The first day all I did was wear it around the house , took to many selfies and went and got a coffee through the drive through haha. I posted a picture of me with it on Instagram + facebook, It was a hit!! Everyone told me to leave the house with it so I decided the next day I was forcing my a**out into public no matter how nervous I was. The next day I proudly put that baby on to go to work (which obviously is at a hair salon, the perfect place to debut it ) I almost talked myself out of if but I didn't have enough time to fix my hair so the wig won. It was a hit and the rest was history. No but really I have been wearing my wig almost everyday. I never ever thought I would love wigs so much, I want every color. It's been so fun giving myself an entirely different look within a few minutes ! Wearing a wig also cuts my getting ready time in 1/2 which is pretty nice !! I also REALLY like braids , you probably didn't know that right haha. I've been braiding my hair almost everyday for over year so getting the chance to switch it up with a different length and color with out changing my hair is great too! So overall wigs are great, this wig is great and I am super excited about it. I highly recommend getting a wig! If you're afraid to wear one just make yourself. Once you force yourself out into public you will get over it real quick and be happy that you did, I sure am.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The truth behind my hair photos... ok that sounds so dramatic like I'm going to tell you I'm not a real person. Good news, I am! Sooo the truth behind my photos is how I take them. I don't have a photographer, I don't have a fancy camera but I do have a gas grill, a coaster holder and an iPhone. You're probably sitting there like WTF , is this girl alright ??? You did read that correct and NO I am not making this up, I mean honestly I couldn't if I tried.. it's pretty far from a conventional way to take a photo. I go outside where the lightening is the best, stand behind the grill, prop my phone up against the coaster holder with the selfie camera facing me and use a 3 second timer.

 How this came about I have NO freakin clue. To be honest I think I was just being super impatient and no one was around to take my photo, the grill was probably the only thing the right height. In the winter I was occasionally standing in a few feet of snow. Sometimes I have a cute top on but still have pj pants and slippers on. If I post a hairstyle from behind 80% of those time I usually have no makeup on but no one knows that. ( besides my neighbors who are probably wondering wtf I am doing taking pictures up against the house daily ) My husband, daughter and I are currently living with my parents while we finish renovating our home and I am already stressing about what my photo set up will be like there. Honestly this may be the weirdest set up ever but it works for me.  My reasoning for this post isn't to show how odd I am but to show you that not everything is as "perfect" as it seems online and that's ok ! Real life isn't perfect !

Not everyone has a professional photographer around at all times or the perfect camera. No I do not take one photo to get the perfect shot, yes I take ALOT. Yes I pick myself apart on a daily basis and analyze every photo.  I could sit here and post my pictures daily and act like they are achieved in some perfect way but they aren't. I think it's important to be real. Especially if me being real makes anyone else feel better about themselves. Maybe there is a secret group of bloggers who use gas grills as their perfect tripod and we can unite ( ya prob not ) I have had numerous people ask me how I take my photos and I think they are usually surprised by the answer. I hope you enjoyed this...you're welcome.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Behind The Chair #ONESHOT Awards

I don't even know where to begin with this post. My brain is scattered with thoughts and emotions from this past weekend. My braid was nominated in the Behind the Chair One Shot awards { if you follow me on Instagram you already know this because I have posted about it 4000 times } So of course my husband and I traveled to Ft Lauderdale to attend the awards. Honestly, I am still on cloud nine over my experience. Last year when the awards show was going on I said to myself " I wish I was there". I thought mannn what a dream come true it would be to be nominated but I didn't think I was good enough. This year when it was time to enter I said what the hell, I am going to give it a shot. Never in a million years did I think I would be nominated. When the nominees were announced I was glued to the webcast. Around 1am the braids category finally came up and my heart was in my stomach or throat, I don't know how the saying goes but it was somewhere other than the right spot. Talented artist and their braids were being announced one by one and then there I WAS. Holy sh*t, is this real life is what I thought to myself. I could not sleep that night, I was so psyched. Not to mention my entire family and friends were sleeping so I legit had no one to freak out with ... I just internally died for a hour or so before I fell asleep ! Fast forward 6 weeks from then and it was finally time for the show. I can't even tell you how anxious I was, that doesn't say much coming from me because I am an over the top anxiety case but wow was I anxious. I had NO idea what to expect AT ALL. I have never ever been to a hair event (which is insane since I have been in the industry almost 9 years), never mind one filled with my biggest inspirations. I definitely had a permanent smile on my face all night and still do thinking about it a week later!!

 I was so thrilled to have my husband (instagram husband ) and biggest supporter by my side
outfit detail: dress + shoes | love culture

When it came time for the awards to start my husband and I walked in to find a seat. That's when the most exciting freakin thing happened, @hairandmakeupbysteph my idol stood up from her seat to talk to me! ME! Again, I was dying inside. Her work has inspired me sooo much through out the years, I have strived to be a better updo artist because of her. I could not believe I was being recognized by her , I still can not believe it. The show was unbelievable. I can't even explain to you what it felt like to see my hair and my work on a hugeeee stage in front of everyone! If you asked me a year ago if I ever thought this moment would happen to me I would say no way.

For a tutorial on this hairstyle check out last weeks blog post HERE

I had a few people ask me if I would be disappointed going all the way there and not winning. My response was heck no and I meant it! To me being nominated was already a win! The whole experience was a win! l feel so incredibly blessed to be in an industry that is soo supportive and uplifting. I met people that I felt like I have known my entire life. I was passionate about my career before, extremely passionate, but this has taken it to an entire new level. I feel so inspired. Not to mention the feeling I got being recognized by some of my icons + hairstylist who follow me on social media ! My husband and I went to lunch on Monday and when we got back to our hotel we got in the elevator, there were 3 other people in there. One of the girls was like "omg glambyTorieBliss" ( another moment of me dying inside ) They told me I was was so inspiring and that they were fan girling. Like whattttt?? Over me? We got out of the elevator so they could take some pictures with me. When my husband and I got back in the elevator I cried, happy tears of course. I was blown away.

@braneebear and @hairbymissaimsi

Though out the years I have been so inspired by other hairstylist, I mean come on I still fan girl over my icons. Never did I ever think people could feel that way about me. It makes me so happy and honestly makes me look at my own work in a different light. I never look at myself as accomplished, I stay humble and don't give myself much credit for my achievements { I always think their is room for growth } BUT after all this I was like damn I have come a long way and I am proud. Now here comes my words of inspiration. If you are a hairstylist and you are just starting out stay passionate + positive. Never say you can't do it, never believe you won't achieve the things you dream about. { although I am a hypocrite , if you just read this entire thing you know I have said those words } Don't compare your achievements to others, just because someone has achieved something on a larger scale than you doesn't make yours any less important. There are always going to be mean people out there who say negative things but don't let that deter you. Trust me there are times I've wanted to give up on my page after getting rude comments from people such as my braid looks like a loaf of bread...um what... but really wtf kind of bread you people eating ? "Don't let someone dim your light simply because it's shining in their eyes" the perfect quote featured by Behind the Chair! Keep slaying the hair game, follow your dreams! I am so thankful I have followed mine because if I didn't I wouldn't be where I am today and this amazing experience would not have happened. I can not wait to see where my journey continues to take me.

 me, @confessionsofahairstylist, @jbraidsandbows, @saripaints
Jenny  ( confessionsofahairstylist ) is no doubt one of my biggest hair icons. If it wasn't for her hosting a braiding/updo contest when I first started my instagram I don't think I ever would of gotten soooo obsessed with the braiding game. Forever thankful

 @wb_ubstyles , me , styles_by_reneemarie
It was so great to finally meet these babes in real life !!
me, @hairloveheather, @hairbykimberlynicole, @ambrosiacarey, @michellehair, @ktsnowww89
these ladies were all soo sweet and inspiring 

@saripaints, one of my original hair besties !! Me and this babe have a Hair painting + Boho Styling class coming up October 23rd
click here for more info and tickets !

me, @jbraidsandbow who literally felt like an old friend I haven't seen in years and who will definitely be a forever friend. @hairandmakeupbysteph ( who you know allll about from above )
outfit details: top| rose gal official , skirt | forever 21 , bag | Patricia Nash, hat | American eagle
shoes | nine west

Dream come true being published in Behind The Chair magazine

outfit details: top | rose gal official , sunglasses | Ray-Ban , hat | American eagle
hair extensions | luxy hair * use coupon code TORIEBLISS for a discount at checkout

If you read this entire thing , dannnnnng, thank you! I hope I didn't bore you too much or drive you crazy with my poor writing!! Fun fact, when { Life of Bliss } gets 25 subscribers I am going to host a giveaway!! What would you like to see for next Fridays blog post? Leave me a comment below !!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Bohemian Braid Tutorial

For those of you that don't know this Sunday my hubs + I are hopping on a plane { leaving our 2 year old daughter for the first time , I will be sobbing but that's a whole other story } for the Behind The Chair One Shot Awards!! I am thrilled that my braid was nominated along side 24 other insanely talented artist in the braid category !! I could go on and on right now about the BTC awards BUT you are going to have to wait until next Friday's post. That post will be entirely dedicated to the whole shaaabang! But I thought in honor of the awards being this weekend I would post a tutorial or how I achieved the braid that got me nominated. It just seems like the perfect pre awards post! This braid already had a lot of meaning to me because I created it and the tutorial below for the Sam villa blog. It was featured on their website back in April. That was and still is huge for me, it has been one of the most exciting things to happen in my career along side being nominated for this award. It's pretty dang cool it's been the same braid. This braid is done on me by me like 98% of my styles. Being my own model has been the most convenient thing ever because 1. I post a new style almost everyday and who is going to be around that often ? 2. When I think up a style I am super impatient and want to do it immediately. 3. It forces me to have pretty dope hair daily. Although when you walk around target with a super extravagant braid people tend to look at you a little odd, I'm ok with it. Where I live I get looked at a little weird for my fashion sense anyway. Not everyone around here walks around town with space buns. Ok, I'm getting off track per usual, I can't help it I like to talk ! To the point ... I hope you enjoy this step by step pictorial !! If you recreate this big ol bohemian braid tag me in your photo on Instagram @glambytoriebliss #glambytoriebliss, it would be so awesome to see them. I will be posting my favorite recreations on my Instagram!  

When braiding I like to begin on hair that was washed and blow dried the day before so the hair isn't to silky! If your hair was just washed then a dry texture spray works wonders to add a little texture and grit. My absolute favorite to date is the Rusk dry texture spray. Stuff is the bomb.com! { my go to for almost every style, even if my hair isn't freshly washed } 

To start this look,I added my 24" clip in hair Luxy hair extensions ( for $5 off use code toriebliss ) for extra thickness, some color dimension and about 3 inches extra length. Then I prepped my hair roots to end with the Sam Villa Textur Iron (this iron is a dream) This iron makes your hair appear crazyyyy thick by adding mass amounts of micro crimps to each strand. I used my Sam Villa Styling Brush to separate all the crimps + prep it for the next step. If you do not have one of these iron you can still create this braid. For more texture you could prep your hair first with a curling iron/wand for beachy waves.

Time for the fun part !

Next, I took two triangle sections on each side of my head { from my hairline to behind my ears } and did two regular fishtails. It is important to braid in the direction you want your braids to go so they lay smoother against your head when pinned in place. Since you want these braids to go back, braid them going towards the back of your head.

Now for me the bigger the braid the better sooo to make them fuller and more fabulous I pancaked the braids. If you are not familiar with this method, it is when you pull apart the braid from the bottom to the top to make it appear wider and thicker and show stopping of course. Next, drape one of the fishtails back across your head and pin it into place. Take the other fishtail and do the same thing but this time cross over the previous fishtail braid.

Fun fact: While pancaking your braid pull each strand out separately instead of a bunch at once and go slowwww { slow and steady wins the race } Doing this gives the braids extra detail and keeps the braid from appearing too messy. Keep repeating this method as many times as needed to achieve your desired look. Also, don't put your elastic in until you are happy with your results because you will not get the same effect trying to pancake with the elastic already in! 

Once the fishtails are nice and secure take the two tail ends of the fishtails and combine them with one elastic. Make sure the elastics you used to secure them separately are below the elastic you are putting in. Now that they are together remove the other two elastics.

With the remaining hair of the fishtails in your hand, pick up some extra hair from each side and underneath. I like to use a horseshoe-shaped section as this will create a nice thick braid vs if you just braided the hair that you secured in the ponytail. Now that you have plenty of hair to work with begin by creating a fishtail braid below the elastic.

Fun fact: If you take small pieces and start crossing over hair from the highest point of the section, it will cover the elastic from your previous step.

Once you get down a little ways switch to a 3 strand braid and then back to a fishtail. Mix it up! Doing this technique adds so much more texture, it is one of my all time favorite things to do when braiding. Again, use the pancake method to pull the braids apart and then secure with an elastic.

Now take that bad boy and clip it up out of the way. With the remaining hair underneath, create another fishtail braid. Take large sections as you work your way down. When you get to the bottom pancake, pancake, pancake, like a lot. You may feel like it is too much, but for a stacked combo braid you want the bottom braid to be as WIDE as possible so it peaks out the sides of the middle braid. By the time you are finished pulling it apart it will not look much like a braid but I promise when it is all combined together it will be magiccc. Secure with an elastic.

Now take your middle braid down and about half way down, open up a section of your bottom braid and weave the middle braid through it. The tail end of the middle braid will now be behind the bottom braid. Secure with some bobby pins from behind. Then a little ways down, split open the bottom braid again and weave the tail through from the back to the front. With the tail end in the front split it into two. Take each section and wrap it around to the back of the bottom braid and pin it to create a downward V. I randomly did the V thing one day and instantly became obsessed, it has become a signature thing in my braids. It creates an awesome focal point and leaves people wondering how the heck you did it. { even though it is ridiculously easy, they don't have to know that }

BOOM there you have it , a super huge bohemian braid.

What did you think ? Would you like to see more of these pictorials in the future ? Leave me a comment below !! Have you subscribed to { Life of Bliss } yet ?? You can do so to the right via bloglovin ! When I reach 25 subscribers I am going to host a giveaway !!