Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Blissful Weekend in Austin, TX

Guys I never ever travel because I am a nervous wreck BUT after Austin my husband and I have the travel bug. Can I just be a travel blogger asap, that would be wonderful. This was our 3rd time traveling somewhere we needed to fly to ( which I know sounds insane because we are both in our late 20s ) Our main reason for taking this trip was to attend the Behind The Chair One Shot Awards because I was a nominee in the "Braid Shot of the Year" category. I didn't win BUT let me tell you being nominated and attending is winning enough for me. I also got to take this awesome trip with my hubs because of it. I am going to try and make this short and sweet because you probably don't want to read a novel written by me ( idk, maybe you do ) I am going to touch base on our top favorite places we visited.

For starters we rented our first Air B + B. Like I said I am a nervous wreck so this whole thing always sketched me out BUT damn it was a success and totally beats the hotel experience. We stayed in a super quirky studio that was in a quiet neighborhood so close to everywhere we wanted to go. Not to mention the property was amazing and filled with tons of greenery and cacti across the street ( the perfect places for OOTD shots )



Our trip was short and sweet, Friday-Monday but I feel like we got to see so much. ( although I want to see more ) We much pretty much stayed on South Congress St the entire time because we loved the whole vibe. It had awesome shops + the most delicious food and drinks EVER.

Our favorite spots that we have been day dreaming about ever since are...


Jo's Coffee

Ok so I am not going to lie I thought eating a breakfast taco was weird as hell but since going to Austin I want all the tacos. I don't care what time of day is it just let me have a taco. Jo's had such dope breakfast tacos. I believe we went their 3 times for them. One time they were sold out but we still had some other delish treats like a PB banana sandwich. Their frozen turbo coffee is out of this world. Ugh take me back! They are also known for their " I love you so much " art on the side of their building, a necessary spot to snap a photo.



Allens Boots

I have never ever seen so many boots in my life. I wanted them all BUT what really stole my heart were their hats. If you know me you know I'm a hat girl, they are like part of my body at this point. They had a huge section of Stetson hats and they called my name the second I opened the door. I should of run away. You know when you love something but shouldn't and try to talk yourself out of it ? Well I did that but it didn't work... and I'm glad it didn't because I legit found my dream hat and I was on vacation where money grows on trees ( anyone else act like that on vaca? like a baller ) This gem has barely left my head since. The best unnecessary/necessary purchase ever.



Hopdoddy Burger Bar

I am drooling thinking of the food there, TO DIE FOR. There was a crazy long line the night we went but no worries because you can order a drink in line ( even outside ). Its different than most restaurants because you order your food in line. When you get up to the counter you tell them your name, get your food and they tell you where to sit, pretty rad. You still get a waitress too! Ours was sooo dang sweet ! The green chili queso cheese we got with our fries was life + I legit wanted to put that sh*t on everything. I even dipped my black bean + corn burger in it. I highly recommend this place!!! YUMMMM

Voodoo Donuts

I love donuts, a lot. I cant tell you how long I've wanted to go to Voodoo Donuts. I never thought I would because again, we never travel. This place was so dope, not like any donut shop I have ever seen and the donuts were on point. Our donuts of choice were butterfinger, chocolate frosted + peanut butter oreo... they did not disappoint.



of course I have to touch base on the Behind The Chair awards since that was the main reason for out Austin adventure. As I said I didn't win and that's OK. Seeing my work on stage and hearing my name announced was enough for me. There were 215,000 entries and somehow out of all of those little ol me placed. I loved being able to make instagram friends real life friends. Also, it was wild to be recognized by other stylist. This year was amazing and I am still in awe.


I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our trip, thanks for reading!