Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Shopping at Marshalls 101


Ok babes who else loves Marshalls ?? I loveee shopping affordable. I am constantly changing my style and getting bored with it that buying expensive makes no sense. Yasss I would kill for some designer stuff but spending 100+ on a top just isn't me. ( nothing against anyone that it is for ) Maybe if I hit the lottery one day that will be for me but until then I will be balling on a budget and loving every damn second of it. Everyone always asks me how I find cute stuff at stores that have no rhyme or reason, like good ol Marshalls. SOO I thought it would be fun to give you some tips and show you my most recent haul. Thanks to my awesome followers for the idea.

YES sometimes I go into Marshalls and leave empty handed ( not often ), that can happen anywhere BUT I have 3 tips to help you find things a little easier + to make your experience a little less overwhelming.

1. Go in there with a game plan. What are you shopping for ?? This time I was shopping for some early Fall looks. So I blocked out everything not in that category. No dresses, no shorts, no tanks... you get it.

2. Looking at the racks there can be insanely overwhelming because everything is laid out by size and not by style. This makes the store look pretty unorganized but organized ( if that makes sense haha ) My biggest tip for scanning through these racks quick ( because I have minimal patients and a 3 year old who wants to look at the toys ) is to focus on pattern and color. I was looking for gingham and floral. I very rarely buy anything solid. I am a patterns kind of gal. If the color gets you then take the time to check out the style. If that gets you too put it in the carriage.

3. TRY THINGS ON. For starters this can save you money because most likely you wont love everything you bring in. Even if you think you sort of like something but not 100% still try it on because you could very possibly freakin love it on. One of my biggest tricks when trying things on is to play with it. If its a top try it tucked in. I've totally hated tops then tucked it in and was like OMFG this shirt is now my new FAV. If you have leggings on or something that doesn't go with the top you're trying on grab a pair of jeans to put on with it. That way you can get a better idea of what the top would look like styled as an outfit.

My haul consisted of

A pair of back ripped jeans with fishnets peaking through the rips ( obsessing over this trend ) $20
3 kimonos $12, $12, $16
Short sleep moon tee $7
Long sleeve embroidered top $15
Open shoulder buffalo plaid flannel top $15
Gingham wrap top $10

Check out everything below styled into outfits. The only things not from my haul is my belt, hat, boots and sunglasses

Sunglasses Rayban
Boots Zara
Hat Stetson
Belt LuLus



So this floral kimono wasn't styled becauseee I totally spaced it out until I sat down to type this blog post and was like sh*t. I knew this was going to smooth.

What is your favorite piece I bought ?? Comment below + let me know !!! Not a bad haul for $107 am I right?
After this haul I was super inspired to switch up my home hair studio to have a little fashion blogger corner. I am loving it. All my passions in one room! Check it out
wardrobe rack : Target $25

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  1. your pieces look really good and their prices are pocket friendly how can buyers access this products I will recommend my sister to this blog torie keep posting more articles too