Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Rebrand, Introducing @Torie.Bliss

Ok here it is the truth behind my instagram rebrand.

As you know my instagram has been @glambytoriebliss since I started it 2 1/2 years ago and now it is not... Over the last few years my page has been based around boho hair with the occasional OOTD photo & makeup post. It has been an awesome experience & has brought me so many opportunities and proud moments BUT change is good right?? For the past few months I have asked myself "is this what I want my page to be?", "what are my goals?", "is this my vision?" I realized "no this isn't what I want my page to be" , "I do have other goals" and "ehhh this isn't entirely my vision." I have wanted to get into fashion for more years than I can remember but how could I add it to my hair page? Most hair pages are strictly hair not a personal blog. Well as you can tell my brain was full of a million question that were all being answered by myself in a negative way. I sort of had an epiphany & realized I wasn't being my authentic self (which I strive so hard to be) I was conforming. I spent to much time focusing on other hair accounts around me. Most photos were edited to crisp perfection because that's how they are suppose to be in order to be recognized by the best, right? That's how you look professional & like you have your sh*t together right? Well when I did that I didn't feel like me. I am a faded, grainy, vintage vibe photo kind of gal and I don't like watermarks. I like to look at a photo based on a whole vs zoomed into just the hair. I was losing my creative self. I created this page, how the hell did that happen??? But I was scared to change the image I have come so far with, that's how people know me. Was I going to create social media suicide switching it all up just because I was asking myself all these crazy questions that I didn't LOVE the answer to?

Then I said F it, I don't care & the rebrand began.

Hair is my passion that will never in a million years go away. This rebrand doesn't mean goodbye hair it just means you will see more of "Me." I don't want to conform anymore ( yet all this time I didn't think I was ) I don't want to not post a photo because its not the "typical" look of a hair photo. If I love it I am posting it. I don't want to be tied to one outlet & I felt like that's what the "glam" did to me. I don't consider myself glamorous, I consider myself, me "Torie Bliss". I'm not a keep up with the Joneses kind of chick. I love fashion & as well as hair there are some kickass brands out there that I now get to be a part of. I love my hair babes but there are also so many dope bloggers I can now call my friends. This rebrand hasn't come from me not enjoying hair anymore or me not loving the hair world via instagram. It has come from being sick of conforming, me being sick of worrying about what people think about me or what click I was going to be accepted into. This is nothing against anyone out there whose pages are based on one specific thing if that is you & you are happy that's what matters. In my situation my page wasn't entirely me. I have more goals & more passions than what my page was. I have been holding them in afraid of people not being interested. Afraid of my follower count decreasing because people were over me. That's insane, I don't care how much my followers decrease because the ones left are the ones that matter & are the ones I want there through my journey. I just want to be me & enjoy every moment. If I continue to grow I don't want to feel like I get to a point where I cant turn back & I'm stuck with no room to change. If I grow from this point I want to sit there and say "hell yes, I did this as ME & no one else."

I hope this gives you some insight as to where my rebrand came from and if you really didn't care about that I hope you at least learned this...BE YOU, don't conform because you feel like that's the only way you will get ahead, don't kiss a** because you think that's your only way up the ladder. You will be so much more proud of your accomplishments if you achieve them being your authentic self. People deserve to meet the real you. If they are inspired by you, great, because that means they are being inspired by a real deal human and not an instagram bot. This change may not seem like a lot to most of you but to me it has been liberating & the name change along with this post has been the last step in my new journey.

 Here I am @torie.bliss being more real than ever. Cheers!

art wok by: @nicole.steffes


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