Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How to: Moroccanoil Boho Holiday Hair



I am a product junkie & a holiday lover therefore I thought the perfect blog post would be to feature some products I am currently into & a “how to” on 2 holiday hairstyles. Sounds good, right ?? Everyone always loves to play around with new hairstyles for the holidays. It is the time of year we are the busiest with lots of events and holiday photos! Tis the season to look great & extra magical.

For starters the line I am going to be featuring is Moroccanoil. I have given all the products above a try & I am in heaven. Not only do they make my hair feel amazing but they smell amazing too. I am a sucker for good smelling products. If they work good but smell bad they aren't for me. If they have both of those qualities they are a WINNER! 

When creating the looks for this blog post I wanted to focus on using two of my go to products when styling. No matter what hair style I do whether its on myself or a client I need a dry texture spray and hair spray on hand, they are my must haves. I have tried a million different brands & the Moroccanoil texture spray and hairspray are at the top of my list.



If you follow me on Instagram you know that boho hair holds a place in my heart no matter what the occasion is. Since the holiday season is crazy busy I love to come up with hairstyles that are quick to do but don't look it. Half up styles are my go to because they can be worn casual or dressy and can be taken from day to night.

hair accessory | Neekas


Accent braids 

This look can work for you no matter your length is. Its quick to do & takes your hair to the next level.
  • I did a full head of beachy waves with a 1in iron. I sprayed each section before curling with the “Luminous Hairspray”. Once all the waves were created I added a ton of texture & grit with the texture spray.
  • I chose her left side to do her accent braids on & left some face framing hair out.
  • Taking a decent size section from the top of her hair I did a regular 5 strand braids
  • To achieve a 5 strand braid you are going to split the section into 5 equal sections. Starting from the left picture your stands being labeled as a,b,c,d,e. You are going to take stand A go under B and over C. Then you are going to take strand E go under D over C. And repeat this all the way down. Just keep saying under, over, under, over in your head & don’t get discouraged.
  • Once you finish the 5 strand braid spray with the "Dry Texture Spray" and pull at the outside sections to make the braid appear even thicker. Pin the braid into place in the back of the head.
  • Take a small section underneath the braid and split it into two equal sections. Twist each section to the right then cross them over each other to the left ( this will keep the twist from unraveling) Pin into place in the back of the head.
  • Finish with Luminous Hairspray. I added a hair accessory for some more jazz because you can NEVER go wrong with that. 

 turquoise hair pin | Neekas

mixed braids and a messy bun -

Another half up style that again can be achieved on any length.
  • I did a full head of beachy waves with a 1in iron. I sprayed each section before curling with the “Luminous Hairspray”. Once all the waves were created I added a tone of  texture & grit with the "Dry Texture Spray".
  • On the left side of my head I did a regular fishtail braid.
  • To achieve the fishtail split the hair into 2 equal  sections. Taking small sections of hair from the outside of one section cross it over and into the middle. Do the same on the opposite side and continue to do so until you are done with the fishtail.
  • Spray it with "Dry Texture Spray" & pinch and pull at the braid to make it full and fluffy. 
  • On the right side of my head I did a regular 3 strand braid.
  • Taking both braids and hair underneath I tied it into a ponytail. On the last tie of the elastic I only pulled the ponytail a little less than half way through.
  • Next I took the tail end of the ponytail that remained hanging, twisted it, pinched and pulled it to make it fluffy and pinned it into place over the base of the ponytail. 
  • Finished with the "Luminous Hairspray." Again, I added a hair accessory for some more jazz.
  • You could also wear this style fully up by taking all the hair into the ponytail instead of a half.
I hope you enjoyed this post & leave feeling inspired !! If you like what you see don't forget to subscribe on the left hand side. #ArganEveryDay #spon


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