Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pattern Mixing 101

SOO for starters I mix match pretty much everything because I am a pattern feen. My closet has the bare minimum of basics and solids colors. Not only do I mix patterns but I am a color mixer as well. To me their are NO rules in fashion because what fun is that ??

I have never realized I mixed clothing pieces well until a lot of people started asking me how I do it.  My answer is always " I don't know, I literally just put things together and hope for the best."


I've always had my own personal style & have always tested my limits with it. When I was a young pup I definitely played it a little on the safe side. Over the past few years as I start to approach 30 (ew) I have said F it and really let my creative energy take ahold. My style gets more " outside the box " & I think better since I have really let go..

Once I realized so many people were interested in a post like this I sat & scrolled through some of my outfit photos to get some ideas. To be honest I really wasn't sure what to say at first because I don't follow any specific guidelines, its more like trial and error. I'm not going to sit here and act like I'm the bees knees of pattern mixing but I will tell you what works for me. These tips can be taken into consideration no matter what fashion style you consider yourself OR if you don't consider yourself to be one specific style at all. ( that's me ) And like I said above I truly believe to achieve pattern mixing you need to let go of overthinking your looks, don't worry about what others will think ( there will always be haters ) & be creative. It doesn't hurt to try!! You will get more & more confident the more rad outfits you create! Be you & let it shine through !!!

Here we go...

1. Chose one print that is bolder than the other. A tiny print vs large.

sweater: zara | hat: brixton kayla cap urban outfitters | pants: marshalls | shoes: vans
bag: patricia nash | sunglasses: zeroUV

example: My pants are a small print & my top is a bolder color block print.
The turquoise printed purse ties in with the outfit not because of the pattern but the color. It blends with the rest of the earth tones & ties in nice with the burnt orange.
2. Chose patterns that have colors in them that blend well with each other. One bold color, one basic.

top & pants: zara | shoes: target 
example: My little lady Hadley Willow is rocking two totally different patterns that you wouldn't normally put together BUT since her top is subtle basic tones it WORKS perfectly.
3. Mix in neutrals & that doesn't mean just solid colors! I consider my neutrals to be patterns that sort of blend with everything. ( your neutrals may be different than mine and that's OK )

- Leopard
( I know that sounds obnoxious but it goes with so much, at least I think so)

top: life clothing co @ kindred boutique | jacket: forever 21 | pants: tjmaxx
neck tie: im with the band @ kindred boutique | glasses: eye buy direct
 example: Graphic striped shirt & leopard but it still works. It proves the a neutral doesn't mean solid.

- A graphic tee
hands down goes with everything. I wear one almost daily. No matter what is on the tee I mix it with every dang print under the sun. ( like the leopard jacket above & this look below )

blazer: forever 21 | top: kindred boutique | neck tie: im with the band @ kindred boutique
shades: zeroUV
If you don't mix patterns and are safe with your outfits I hope this inspires you to feel more confident to try it out!
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  1. I think it's not just with you but many other girls think like you. Especially when we enter in a garments store we really forget what we have came to buy for.

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