Thanks for taking a step into my world. I am Torie Bliss, a Scorpio living on the east coast. I am doing life with my husband Nate, our 3 year old Hadley Willow and dog Sierra in our darling 1800s farmhouse. I am a clothes collector (glorified description for a shopaholic.)
I started my instagram @torie.bliss 2 1/2 years, formally known as @glambytoriebliss. I am a hairstylist of 9 years so that was a page to showcase my work. Well fast forward 2 1/2 years, it has fueled my passion and creativity to a whole new level. It has transformed into my personal space to showcase you everything I am vibing.

boho hair
70s vibes
boho style
home d├ęcor
.. honestly anything I am feeling passionate about which means this
can change because I am human & humans change, we evolve. Change is good!

 I am no writer by any means so please be aware that you will read lots of run on sentences, see lots of grammar mistakes, possibly some profanity + spelling that is only correct due to my bud spell check. ( so no grammar police please )

This blog will not be perfect, I am not perfect but I can promise it will be real, it will be me, it will be Torie Bliss.


  1. Short but very engaging and beautiful. Very seldom are bloggers willing to be so honest before the world. This blogger should definetly write to express themselves more.