Be Yourself - OOTD in Zaful

Have you ever heard of Zaful? This was my first experience with them BUT dang it will not be my last! Zaful is an online site where you can find super trendy clothes & accessories for cheap. I don't know about you but I am all about bargain shopping, I want more bang for my buck. I received everything in the layout above; pants, tee, purse & earrings all for only $66 !! Graphic tees are my go to lately, I can NOT get enough of them. SO naturally the first thing that caught my eye was this adorable tee that says "Be Yourself", best motto around!

" Personal style is accepting who you are."
Striped velvet pants for the WINNN, am I right? As soon as I saw these it was a no brainer. Cheap dope pants with a mega 70s vibes, it was only right to add those babies into my cart.
Now for THE BAG. Like I said I am a bargain shopper but I do have a love for amazing pricey pieces that I just window shop. One thing being the Prada Stars Moon bag, its my dream bag but at $2,220 its mostly likely a bag I will never have. When I saw this bag I noticed the print and it instantly reminded me of the bag I swoon over and I HAD to have it !
Last but certainly not least the perfect pair of earrings. I am all for mix match so I just love that one earring is a sun and one is a moon. Two opposites yet the perfect pair.

If you are in the market for some trendy clothes for a bomb price definitely check out Zaful ! Do you like my first look from them ?? Let me know in the comments below! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog on the right hand side at the bottom. Thanks for reading !

xo Torie

"Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it."


A.S.98 Boots
Good shoes take you good places.
"A.S.98 celebrates the rough edges and imperfections that make us all genuine originals,
and recognizes there is only one true arbiter of"

The only way to describe the handcrafted boots that come from the A.S.98 factory. This week I died and went to boot heaven when the two most beautiful pairs of boots arrived at my doorstep. The night they arrived my husband and I were leaving the house ( running late per usual ) I was in the car waiting for him when he brought the box into the house. When he came out to the car I asked him where the package was from, when he told me I screeeeeched and jumped out of the car. Remember we were running late but at this point I blacked out and had tunnel vision for my boots !!

I tore them out of the box like a kid on Christmas morning opening their most desired present. The strong scent of leather escaped from the box as soon as I cracked the cover. I could not believe my eyes when I saw them, how could they look even better than they did online. Mind you while I was having a moment with my boots time was ticking and we were still running late. My husband ran in wondering what the heck could possibly be in the box that sent me running into the house like a psycho. He agreed they were dope ( smart guy ) and reminded me that we had to leave. So I gave them a hug and a kiss and left the house ( JK but I probably should of ) it was love at first site.

Meet Frankie....

Frankie Tan | Shop Here

Frankie Black Leopard: Shop Here

I also forgot to mention that while I was in black out mode I ripped off the shoes I was wearing to try them on. I wanted to wear them immediately but I chose not to, I was to afraid to get them dirty. With my luck I would of dropped a huge blob of sauce off of the pizza I ate that night right on top of them. Talk about what a tragedy that would be.

Leopard & black leather , I mean seriously what else compares ....

Even the bottom of these boots have killer details.
I swear the creators at A.S.98 leave nothing out. Every single aspect of these boots are designed with QUALITY. When I first received the boots I knew they were beautifully made & unique but I didn't know how unique they truly were until I read their website & came across this part right here...
"A.S.98 shoes are constructed by hand with unparalleled skill, by passionate and dedicated craftsmen in a family run factory. Employing elaborate needle work, leather weaving, and hand burnishing, these artisans leave their own impressions on each pair of shoes, ensuring exceptional quality, character and uniqueness. These elements make A.S.98 easily distinguishable from mass produced products, and loved by those who demand quality, craft, and uncompromised style."
Reading that made me love the boots that much more ( which I did not think was possible ). I am the kind of gal that doesn't only appreciate badass unique pieces but brands with a pretty sweet story & awesome people working behind it.

Needless to say these boots are made for more than walking & they are the !! 
Thanks for reading !!

Fat Face Haul

I don't know about you but I LOVE discovering a new store. Me in a new store is equivalent to a kid in a candy store ( or me in a candy store...either one). This past week my discovery was Fat Face! I thought the name was pretty interesting & figured I would find out where it originated from. I love the stories behind things.

"It all began in 1988 with two guys enjoying life on the slopes in the French Alps and desperately trying to avoid working for a living. With money running out they hatched plan; print some sweatshirts and t-shirts, sell them at night, and ski during the day. With that simple formula, the FatFace brand was born with the name even being inspired by their favorite black mountain run in Val d’Isère, La Face." -- read the full story HERE

When my local Fat Face at Garden City in Cranston, RI asked me to collaborate I was SO down. After checking out their site I instantly knew this was a place I would be into.

As soon as I opened the door I was drawn in. I could immediately tell I loved the whole vibe by the decorations and the way it was set up. I am a sucker for a store that doesn't have just amazing clothes but an overall rad look. I also noticed at least 2 things I wanted to try on right away. No word of a lie my mom, daughter & I were there for a solid 2 1/2 hours & I have no regrets. I wasn't there that long because I wasn't liking anything, I was there that long because I was loving everything & had a million things to try on. Pants, dresses, sweatshirts, sweat pants, shoes, sweaters, scarves... you name it I tried it on. I even tried on a couple of men's tops because they were to dope to not style.

 This quote made me feel much better about the approaching snow... New season = New clothes

I pretty much tried on everything in the store, it was a bit obnoxious of me but these were my ULTIMATE favorites & the final choices of my Fat Face haul.

This sweater was the 1st thing I picked out to try on, the 1st thing I tried on & my 1st keeper! A winter staple at its finest !

I have been on a hunt for a jumpsuit for a while now & the hunt is now officially over because this one is goals. I of course could NOT pass it up, am I right? This outfit can be styled so many different ways.


Last but not least I got this entire outfit. Again, each piece can be styled a ton of different ways but they also look great all together.
Needless to say Face Face was a killer store & everyone at the Garden City locations was so dang sweet. So sweet that if you go there an mention my haul they will give you 20% OFF. Be sure to check out my instagram @torie.bliss because these pieces will be popping up styled all different ways. Thanks for checking out my post & if you liked what you saw subscribe to my blog on the left !!
Thank you to my local Fat Face at Garden City in Cranston, RI for having me
I also left with these adorable beer mats because why not....



Pattern Mixing 101

SOO for starters I mix match pretty much everything because I am a pattern feen. My closet has the bare minimum of basics and solids colors. Not only do I mix patterns but I am a color mixer as well. To me their are NO rules in fashion because what fun is that ??

I have never realized I mixed clothing pieces well until a lot of people started asking me how I do it.  My answer is always " I don't know, I literally just put things together and hope for the best."


I've always had my own personal style & have always tested my limits with it. When I was a young pup I definitely played it a little on the safe side. Over the past few years as I start to approach 30 (ew) I have said F it and really let my creative energy take ahold. My style gets more " outside the box " & I think better since I have really let go..

Once I realized so many people were interested in a post like this I sat & scrolled through some of my outfit photos to get some ideas. To be honest I really wasn't sure what to say at first because I don't follow any specific guidelines, its more like trial and error. I'm not going to sit here and act like I'm the bees knees of pattern mixing but I will tell you what works for me. These tips can be taken into consideration no matter what fashion style you consider yourself OR if you don't consider yourself to be one specific style at all. ( that's me ) And like I said above I truly believe to achieve pattern mixing you need to let go of overthinking your looks, don't worry about what others will think ( there will always be haters ) & be creative. It doesn't hurt to try!! You will get more & more confident the more rad outfits you create! Be you & let it shine through !!!

Here we go...

1. Chose one print that is bolder than the other. A tiny print vs large.

sweater: zara | hat: brixton kayla cap urban outfitters | pants: marshalls | shoes: vans
bag: patricia nash | sunglasses: zeroUV

example: My pants are a small print & my top is a bolder color block print.
The turquoise printed purse ties in with the outfit not because of the pattern but the color. It blends with the rest of the earth tones & ties in nice with the burnt orange.
2. Chose patterns that have colors in them that blend well with each other. One bold color, one basic.

top & pants: zara | shoes: target 
example: My little lady Hadley Willow is rocking two totally different patterns that you wouldn't normally put together BUT since her top is subtle basic tones it WORKS perfectly.
3. Mix in neutrals & that doesn't mean just solid colors! I consider my neutrals to be patterns that sort of blend with everything. ( your neutrals may be different than mine and that's OK )

- Leopard
( I know that sounds obnoxious but it goes with so much, at least I think so)

top: life clothing co @ kindred boutique | jacket: forever 21 | pants: tjmaxx
neck tie: im with the band @ kindred boutique | glasses: eye buy direct
 example: Graphic striped shirt & leopard but it still works. It proves the a neutral doesn't mean solid.

- A graphic tee
hands down goes with everything. I wear one almost daily. No matter what is on the tee I mix it with every dang print under the sun. ( like the leopard jacket above & this look below )

blazer: forever 21 | top: kindred boutique | neck tie: im with the band @ kindred boutique
shades: zeroUV
If you don't mix patterns and are safe with your outfits I hope this inspires you to feel more confident to try it out!
If you enjoyed this post & my blogs vibe I would love for you to come back !! You can subscribe on the right side !


Fall Fashion Vibes
with Life Clothing Co

Alright friends who else is an intsagram stalker?? If you say you aren't you are most likely lyinggg. I am an avid insta creeper. I have my favorite bloggers & clothing pages I am constantly inspired by and checking in on. One of those clothing pages is LIFE clothing co. There isn't one thing I don't love about the brand. Their entire vibe is on point & right up my alley. Everything is perfect, right down to the pieces that look straight out of the 70s to the tops with positive messages on them. They even have some killer wall art that I have been eyeing for a bit !

SOO... I rounded up some of my favorite things, styled them up & took some photos amongst the trees. Not only do I love these looks for fall but the whole esthetic of these photos scream FALL with the foliage.

First look

top: Life Clothing co shop top here
jeans & hat: Forever 21 shop hat here / shoes: steve madden / sunglasses: Tobi shop here


Second look

top: Life Clothing co shop top here
jeans & hat: Forever 21shop hat here / shoes: steve madden / sunglasses & denim jacket: Tobi shop jacket here , shop sunglasses here

shoes: marshalls / jeans: tjmaxx

Third look

top & pants: Life Clothing co shop top here , shop pants here
hat: Forever 21 shop hat here  / shoes: zara / sunglasses & jacket: Tobi shop jacket here , shop sunglasses here



Fourth look

top & pants: Life Clothing co shop top here , shop pants here
jeans & hat: Forever 21shop hat here / shoes: zara / sunglasses: Tobi shop sunglasses here


 I hope you enjoyed the looks I created with Life Clothing Co.
 What one was your favorite?
Thanks for hanging, don't forget to subscribe!

Fall Haul: Marshalls


Ok babes who else loves Marshalls ?? I loveee shopping affordable. I am constantly changing my style and getting bored with it that buying expensive makes no sense. Yasss I would kill for some designer stuff but spending 100+ on a top just isn't me. ( nothing against anyone that it is for ) Maybe if I hit the lottery one day that will be for me but until then I will be balling on a budget and loving every damn second of it. Everyone always asks me how I find cute stuff at stores that have no rhyme or reason, like good ol Marshalls. SOO I thought it would be fun to give you some tips and show you my most recent haul. Thanks to my awesome followers for the idea.

YES sometimes I go into Marshalls and leave empty handed ( not often ), that can happen anywhere BUT I have 3 tips to help you find things a little easier + to make your experience a little less overwhelming.

1. Go in there with a game plan. What are you shopping for ?? This time I was shopping for some early Fall looks. So I blocked out everything not in that category. No dresses, no shorts, no tanks... you get it.

2. Looking at the racks there can be insanely overwhelming because everything is laid out by size and not by style. This makes the store look pretty unorganized but organized ( if that makes sense haha ) My biggest tip for scanning through these racks quick ( because I have minimal patients and a 3 year old who wants to look at the toys ) is to focus on pattern and color. I was looking for gingham and floral. I very rarely buy anything solid. I am a patterns kind of gal. If the color gets you then take the time to check out the style. If that gets you too put it in the carriage.

3. TRY THINGS ON. For starters this can save you money because most likely you wont love everything you bring in. Even if you think you sort of like something but not 100% still try it on because you could very possibly freakin love it on. One of my biggest tricks when trying things on is to play with it. If its a top try it tucked in. I've totally hated tops then tucked it in and was like OMFG this shirt is now my new FAV. If you have leggings on or something that doesn't go with the top you're trying on grab a pair of jeans to put on with it. That way you can get a better idea of what the top would look like styled as an outfit.

My haul consisted of

A pair of back ripped jeans with fishnets peaking through the rips ( obsessing over this trend ) $20
3 kimonos $12, $12, $16
Short sleep moon tee $7
Long sleeve embroidered top $15
Open shoulder buffalo plaid flannel top $15
Gingham wrap top $10

Check out everything below styled into outfits. The only things not from my haul is my belt, hat, boots and sunglasses

Sunglasses Rayban
Boots Zara
Hat Stetson
Belt LuLus



So this floral kimono wasn't styled becauseee I totally spaced it out until I sat down to type this blog post and was like sh*t. I knew this was going to smooth.

What is your favorite piece I bought ?? Comment below + let me know !!! Not a bad haul for $107 am I right?
After this haul I was super inspired to switch up my home hair studio to have a little fashion blogger corner. I am loving it. All my passions in one room! Check it out
wardrobe rack : Target $25


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